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Just after few weeks of Indian Government announced that its going to double its R&D spend from this financial year, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) brought together experts from Biotechnology Sector from across country to suggest a roadmap towards making use of the funds to strengthen the Department’s current programs further with an aim to achieve major social impact by 2022.

As part of plan action points & recommendations, it is expected that there will be increase in the number of sponsored training programs for students & scholars as part of skill development. Increase in number of research projects funding, especially those of immediate societal importance for the researchers. Encouragement for Biotech startups via various funding opportunities, mentoring, networking etc., benefits along with easy of doing business via clearing potential hurdles caused by regulatory bodies with priority. In this process, DBT has already inaugurated various incubators for life science startups at selected research organizations across India.

Around 75 experts, Directors and scientists from each of the DBT autonomous and associated institutions, DBT officials and other experts discussed the current status of Research & Development, Mission Programs, HRD, Entrepreneurship Development and International Cooperation Programs of the Department and ways to accelerate scientific development and reach its benefits to the people.

Research and Development for Cutting Edge Technologies like Genomics and Big Data Analysis, Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine and Emerging trends in Structural Biology and their National Reach and Progress were highlighted.

Several other areas of focus like health, with special focus on Maternal and Child Health as important measurements of social development, Drug Development, Human Development & Disease Biology, Vaccine Technology, Agriculture and Allied Areas and Energy and Environment for the country’s sustainable future were also discussed.

Action points & recommendations from strategy meeting:

  • Mechanism to be developed of rewarding promising projects of societal importance, taking them to translational stage & communicating them
  • Roadblocks in implementing any technology from any user ministry, regulatory roadblocks need to be brought to the immediate attention of the Hon’ble Minister for his immediate intervention
  • Enabling environment in universities and institutions to be provided for talents attracted from abroad
  • Products developed specially in the North East to be effectively marketed
  • Skill development to be boosted in specific areas like big data generation, handling & management, management of genetic disorders and genetic counseling
  • Institutional mechanisms to be developed to help scientists to convert leads to technology & products

Source & Credits: DBTIndia


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