HRD Ministry Agreed ‘UGC-NET’ Examination Once a Year


UGC-NET exam will now be held just once a year. Giving a nod of affirmation to ‘University Grants Commission’ to conduct its most sought after ‘UGC-NET’ examination once a year, Human Resource Development i.e. ‘HRD Ministry’ has finally agreed to the proposal.

UGC earlier had requested the HRD ministry to seek permission to hold the UGC-NET examination of 2017 to simply be conducted once a year instead of twice, the norm which has been in place for several years till now. HRD after having a gruelling session of analysis has now allowed UGC NET examination to be held annually now.

About UGC-NET Exam

‘UGC-NET’ is the most prestigious examination conducted by University Grants Commission directly under Ministry of Human Resource Development to recruit and appoint the lecturers in various esteemed established institutions of the country. NET is also known as the ‘National Eligibility Test’ serves as the appointment criteria in the “teaching field” so as to clear it once in a lifetime if an aspirant aims to become a “lecturer.”

Why UGC wanted NET to be once a year?

There were many speculations going on as to why UGC wanted the most sought after the examination conducted by it under HRD Ministry to be an annual affair. Here are the reasons cited for UGC to seek such a permission for the UGC-NET examination.

  • UGC conducts NET in 80 subjects at one go to recruit lecturers for the same, which is a whopping number
  • Fixed number of people who deal with conducting of UGC-NET
  • The preparation time required by UGC to hold the NET examination is approximately 5 months
  • Conducting the same exam twice a year makes it 10 months in a year to UGC be busy with the same
  • The core function of UGC in regulation of school and college authorities suffers a great jolt
  • Less attention is granted to the core job and more towards conducting an exam
  • Statistics reveal around 6 lac aspirants appear for UGC-NET every year
  • The attendance marked in exams like UGC-NET is hardly 40% of the registered candidates
  • The annual affair to prove cost-effective and better selection of candidates

Why UGC-NET witnesses low attendance?journalban

Poor and low attendance is a major cause to scrap the “twice a year” phenomenon of UGC-NET. Great amounts of speculations are made and cracking the deal themselves, it is revealed that low attendance in UGC-NET is due to following reasons.

  • Slow responsive approach by governmental institutions to absorb permanent faculty
  • Private players absorb teaching faculty without UGC-NET qualification
  • The sub-standard recruitment results in lower salaries but good jobs
  • Availability of contractual jobs on Non-NET basis also prevails

The shocking big question that remains unanswered is, in spite of such sheer dearth and shortage of teaching faculty and staff in our country, the UGC-NET attendance remains fairly low. The paradox that has arose simply puts the authorities concerned and hiring criteria in a thick soup and a lot of unanswered bewildering questions of all sorts.

Source: ChandigarhMetro


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